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Thread: P3D v5 with Hotfix 1 VR and mouse issue

  1. Default P3D v5 with Hotfix 1 VR and mouse issue

    I can't find the answer to this. When in VR mode the mouse doesn't have any effect to effect changes to any of the gauges, throttles, anything. I can mouse the cursor about with head tracking but once the cursor is placed on any control nothing happens. With, in the settings, if Advanced Mouse Control is selected just a few clicks and I'm skewing (drifting) out of the cockpit. In non VR mode I can adjust gauges with the mouse. I don't see anything in the settings that specifically adjusts mouse behavior in VR mode other than select Advanced Mouse Behavior but it isn't explained what that is. I do have joystick control if that matters. Does anybody have any idea what I'm missing?


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    Try posting this in the official Prepar3D forums, here:


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    Thanks. And I did look there and found a thread that did respond to that issue. It was a gamepad software conflict. I had installed that "thing" a year or so ago and forgot all about it (though I wouldn't have suspected it was the issue). While doing a reinstall I saw the gamepad app and after seeing that thread suspected it was the issue and it was. Drove me nuts for a full week it did. VR gauges are working now.


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