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Thread: FS2004 and FSX

  1. Cool FS2004 and FSX

    Please Please, can some one give an idea, on how to write a new directory, so that I can install the above mentioned Simulators, a wonderful simmer Wolfgang, gave me a break down of the installation after I written the new directory, but my computer knowledge on how to do this is woeful, Would really like the whole programming routine, so that I can fly again

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    The installer will create the new folder. All you need to do is tell it exactly where. IE: D:\Microsoft\FS9 or F:\FSX .
    This assumes you have the drive you specify. That's the first letter, followed by a colon ( : ) in the path you specify. Like the D: in my example above.

    Then, when you actually start the installation, it will create the new folders as needed, and place the files in them as it should.

    Does this help at all?

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    So, you need to tell us what your specs are. Do you have 1 Hard Drive (ie: C)? Do you have 2 Hard Drives (ie: C and D)?

    If you have 2 Hard Drives it is best to install FS9 and FSX on D drive.

    C drive will contain your Windows installation. But, FS9 and FSX both put files in C drive (automatically), to 'work' with Windows (required) even if you install FS9 and FSX in C drive or D drive.

    Primarily you should AVOID installing to 'recommended' folder (ie: X:\Program Files) to avoid problems with UAC (Window's 'Permissions' restrictions). You will still need to read and understand intructions.

    Then we can walk you through on how to do the installation using pictures or 1, 2, 3 instructions.
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    xcuse me, I respect your honesty here, but I would advise you to become a better simmer try to learn some basic principles of Windows or maybe the DOS environment that preceeded it.
    1000snds or more info pages on GGLE and YTB here. To me learning the inside of Windows goes hand in
    hand with learning the sims. Just type ingoogle : what is a (pc)drive or what is a folder and read a bit.
    A process I've allways enjoyed ever since 5 1/4 days (although no ggle. then)
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    Windows 10 Pro, i7-4790 K, CPU @ 4.00 Ghz, 16 GB, and 64 bit.Thanks for your answer,I hope the little I've put in, is okay, the thing is it all loads, correctly, but doesn't allow access to it, but that was using the standard (X:\Program files). Someone told to create a directory? and then load everything(not auto run), but as the administrator, that bit I can understand, just the creating of a new directory. Thanks again.

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    Thank you for your input. I've been sim-flying, ever since FS 9, came out, my machine then was Win XP,(never should have changed XP, my opinion only). Back in the day, we didn't have the all the bells and whistle, that we have today. I'm now 72 years young, a bit late for learning DOS and the interior of Windows, but Thanks again.

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    I googled:
    Migrate fsx steam to different location

    and found as first result at top of google page:

    looked useful, hope it helps.

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    Having a look at the top of the FS2004 forum, right here, could help as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcat 912 View Post
    ….. just the creating of a new directory. Thanks again.
    If I read this correctly all you are after is info on how to create the new directory folder...

    It is very easy.

    Simply open the File Explorer view on the required drive (i.e. click on the drive icon so that it displays the list of folders located on the drive). Then you have two options of how to create the new folder depending on how your PC is set up.

    At the top of the File Explorer view there is by default, unless you have changed it, a toolbar that contains a number of tabs and associated icons. Ensure that the Home tab is selected and there will be an icon that looks like a folder and labelled New Folder. Click on this and a new folder will appear on the list of current folders - it will be highlighted ready for naming.

    The other option is to simply RIGHT click anywhere on the white are (i.e. not on an existing entry) and a menu list will appear - select New > Folder from the list and, as above, a new folder will be created


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    Greetings everyone
    First depending on your operating system (the type of windows your pc is running) whether it is windows XP or windows 7 the process is automatic as the installer creates the required folders. If you like to have both sims on the system then it is best you start with FS2004 first and then install FSX and any SDK that comes with deluxe edition/acceleration version of FSX. Manually creating folders for FSX installation may cause problems, however you can do this by right click on the mouse and use create new folder option. Don't forget to name that folder so you know which sim it is for pointing the installer. Some People like their fs installation on a separate hard drive/ssd but it is probably best to learn the basics first before doing anything more experimental. I do not use Windows 10 for fsx as they keep updating Windows 10, which can sometime break fsx installation with strange error codes. Happy flying!

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