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Thread: Windows 1909 update question.

  1. Default Windows 1909 update question.

    Hello All
    I have an internal SSD drive which fs9 is installed on.
    This drive has 75GB available space left.
    I use a program called windows update manger (freeware)this programme effectively gives you back control of which updates you will or wont install....very useful.(as you used to get as the norm in earlier versions of Windows)
    I currently have the feature update 1909 downloaded ,but have elected to 'hide' (not install )it for the moment .
    I notice that this update is showing in Windows update manager as 90gb in size. As I only have 75gb remaining on my Cdrive there is not enough space....
    I decided out of curiosity to try and find out(internet search) how much disc space 1909 requires ,and apparently its about 30gb (in which case I would have enough space on my Cdrive(75GB left). Iam wondering why the1909 download in Windows update manager is showing as 90GB.

    PS posted here as software bit of forum seems a bit out of date and thought more of chance getting query answered here.

    Cheers Andy

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    Hello All
    I think I might??? have the answer to my question.
    I currently have windows 10 version 1809.
    You cant update to the latest version 1909 without having version 1903 (I think that's the number) installed . I am guessing that the reason my downloaded version 1909 is showing as 90GB may? be because it also includes the 1903 update as well.
    Anyway that means I don't have enough space (75GB)on my C Drive .
    Anyway 2. If it ain't broke etc

    If anyone does have anything to add then fire away . I could be wrong (I usually am)

    Cheers Andy

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    Quote Originally Posted by HoratioWondersocks View Post

    Anyway 2. If it ain't broke etc
    That's the best policy.

    I allowed MS one shot at making my Win 10 PC work better. Never again: it was 3 months before I'd dealt with all the fallout from their malware. I'd had the PC for 18 months before succumbing and sorely wished I hadn't.

    As you've suggested, MS couldn't update straight to the newest stable version but had to do an incremental update. Their first (and only) major step was to the fabled Fall Creator's Nightmare, in which they even replaced Nvidia's gfx drivers with their own generic stuff.

    With the bugs ironed out, it's mostly ok so now I reset the 'defer' and 'postpone' dates once a month in the Group Policy Editor.


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    Another factor affecting required space in many kinds of updates is room to download an archive, extract things from it, then run installation before finally deleting most of the working files. In addition, for your machine to operate, you must have a certain amount of free space on the disk, often considered 10%-20% of the disk itself -- it needs temp files and other disk use (virtual memory, and more) for Windows (or any operating system) to run.

    So it's more than just space for the installed program.

    Larry N.

    As Skylab would say:
    Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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    Hello Guys
    Thanks for your replies.
    I have a strange relationship with updates.
    I swear that when my pc and sim are running smoothly ,trouble free ,reliably I will definitely NOT update anything NO Sir.!
    But as soon as I see there is a new Gcard update from Nvidea for instance I download it of course. Fortunately I have had no problems doing this (The Nvidea installer makes this a very simple and reliable process)
    Windows 10 is a different kettle of Bananas I have been badly bitten in the past with some horrible update nightmares despite this the little voice in my head keeps urging me ' update update me go on you know you might be missing out on that little extra performance from the sim, that little bit of extra something ,a bit bit more general wahoo all round.
    I think all this updating concern may be because my thoughts are turning to the new SIM and its probable need for most up-to-date version of 10.
    Anyway at the moment (probably fortunately ) I don't have enough space on my internal SSD so I can't update anyway .
    I thank you both for replies .
    My current set up ain't broke and I can't break it even if that voice in my head keeps nagging me to dare to try?

    Cheers Andrew
    PS I doubt the performance of FS9 (my Fs9 ) coule be improved anyway.Its ultra reliable ,ultra fun ,it just works

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    Apologies for double post.
    Not sure what happened there.


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    There is no need to update anything on your system for FS9 specifically. You won't gain any benefits only possibly break things.
    From a quick check, can't see that 1903 or 1909 needs more than 32gb of space.
    Mark Daniels

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    Hello Mark

    I am not thinking of updating W10 in the hope of improving Fs9 performance. I can't see how its performance COULD be improved in any way on my PC anyway.
    It performs wonderfully well.
    Iam thinking ahead to the new FS flight simulator though, and I suspect? it may require the latest updated version of W10 to run.
    Anyway all that is for the future.
    When the new sim is released I certainly will not be rushing out to buy it until I see exactly how its performing in the months after its release.
    I suspect in my case anyway its gong to be yet another case of not enough horsepower in my present setup ,however! I am not too bothered at present as Fs9 is a joy to use , gives me great satisfaction ,is smooth in performance and is completely reliable day in day out.

    Cheers Andy

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    Yes, for MSFS you will almost certainly benefit, and likely require, the latest and greatest everything. With that comes the catch 22 by doing these things you may break older software.

    Just hold on regarding MSFS, let it release and then read feedback.
    Mark Daniels

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    I recently bought a PC capable of running XP. It was partly because I wanted Captain Sim's C-130 back up (installer not compatible with Win10), partly because I often work with photos in the evening and Win10's horrible white folder background messes with my colour and contast perception, but mostly because... I just like XP.

    I still have to downgrade it with a suitable graphics card but that's on its way.

    How about keeping your existing PC for FS9 and all your personal stuff, and, because it's stable now, doing away with further updates? Then, when you decide that you do want MSFS, build a new machine for that and for all your online life.


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