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Thread: How can I move a carrier

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    Default How can I move a carrier

    I want to move the carrier:

    FS2004 (ACOF) - FS2004 Scenery
    FS2004 Scenery--Big E AI Enhancement
    [ Download | View ]

    Size: 1,753,471 Date: 09-15-2005 Downloads: 3,032

    FS2004 Big E AI Enhancement. An enhancement for the Alphasim Big "E" USS Enterprise carrier scenery package. It adds AFCAD2 files for FS2004 "Go to Airport" entries, all navaids, AI parking, AI flights and working "carrier trapping" AI aircraft configurations. By Robert A. Baum.

    to a spot on the sea south of LGAT Athens airport in Greece.

    Can anyone tell me what program(s) do I need to use to do it please...

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    I assume you are referring to a complete third party operational static carrier scenery object but in my experience such complex scenery objects normally consist of many (textured) bits and pieces, which are all "glued" together in 3D geographical positions by more than one (program) BGL file. Because of this it's almost impossible to re-position such complete objects and which can theoretically only be done by re-positioning all it's "bits and pieces" separately. You can compare such a huge task to re-positioning a complete third party airport with all it's separate buildings, scenery objects, etc.

    As far as my FS9 knowledge goes, I do not know of any operational carriers for FS9, which have been set up (programmed) in such a way that they can be re-positioned in any simple way.

    There are however, a number of static carriers and other naval vessels to be found in the different FS sites, e.g those for random positioning via the RWY12 and the Abacus EZ programs, but these are only extremely basic so called "library" scenery objects, mostly used for "filling up" empty naval bases, harbors, etc. and are definitely not meant for viewing from close up, let alone for being operational in any way.

    Hope this helps.


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    You might either place a modified CFS2 carrier as static AI, but you won't be able to add AI traffic on AI model. The other possibility is using the generic carrier as scenery object and add traffic there. Not exciting, I agree, but at least it works.


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    There is a way to do this, but it is very very tedious, and for several reasons, not guaranteed to work. Not having seen your particular carrier, I can't comment at all on how successful it is likely to be. There is also the issue of whether you are "permitted" to do this at all within the EULA of the package.

    But first, the package you describe is not the carrier itself. It is an enhancement for the carrier. Do you have the carrier itself? And perhaps, perhaps, that package might allow you to relocate the carrier? Or at least give you instructions on how to do that? Have you at least investigated that?

    To move the carrier, what you need to do is to bring every object from your carrier into ADE, one at a time, then save each as a new XML file into a new folder. You then have to manually edit all the latitude/longitudes in the XMLs. When you have finished, you recompile your now-moved XMLs and put them back into that folder with the exact same file names as the original ones. If there are text files that support the compiled ones, you edit those in the same way.

    This is guaranteed to take you a LONG TIME, and in any case will not work if there are "features" within the carrier that cannot be loaded into ADE or editable as text files.

    How difficult this is will depend on where the carrier is now. If it is the same combination of N/S and E/W then you at least stand a chance of doing this in principle. You add or subtract the same number of whole degrees from the latitude/longitudes to place it at roughly your desired location. You could also add/subtract minutes of arc to do finer movements, but that is even more tedious.

    I have no idea how you would change the AI flights as I have never edited AI. Nor do I have any idea how it does the "carrier trapping". If it uses RCBCOP, it is simple in principle to change, but again tedious in detail.

    Also note that using this method, it is utterly impractical to change the direction into which the carrier is facing.

    However, if your existing carrier is S of the equator and you want to move it N to Greece, then forget it. This method will not work. Equally, if your existing carrier is in the E hemisphere and you want to move it W to the Med, then again, forget it.

    An alternative, slightly easier way would be to get a static object carrier, move it to where you want to, then use ADE to make a deck / runway / catapults (etc). It obviously wont be the same carrier as your Big E. You could probably use the AFCADS from Carriers 2006 as templates; indeed you might be able to simply re-centre them and not have to "edit" them per se. Can't recall whether ADE will let you do that. This is marginally less tedious that the previous method.

    As a personal observation, I am entirely unconvinced that any of this is worth doing. You wont know for sure whether it has been successful, and whether it has been completely succesful, until you have finished doing ALL of the work.

    Again as a personal observation, I quickly settled on using one of the Carriers 2006 that was close enough to my desired location and used that. I note that that package has no less than THREE carriers located in the Eastern Med.
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    Quote Originally Posted by old_wombat View Post
    An alternative, slightly easier way would be to get a static object carrier, move it to where you want to, then use ADE to make a deck / runway / catapults (etc)
    There are indeed several CFS2 carriers at SOH. However I haven't been able to convert them to static objects with SAMM2013.


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