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Thread: Low Earth Orbit?

  1. Default Low Earth Orbit?

    Do you think MSFS 2020 will simulate low Earth orbit (i.e.: SpaceX vehicles to ISS, or the like)?

    They already said they rendered the Sun more accurately for seasonal sky placement, time of day, the stars in space... Did they say the planets will be visible?
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    I have heard a rumor ( OK.... I'm making up a rumor) that MFS 2020 will include a Space-X Mars mission. The downside being it will take about 7 months of game play to complete the one-way journey, so likely only REALLY die-hard flight simmers will try it.
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    At the moment they've talked about modelling the atmosphere up to 65,000', though I wouldn't be surprised if this gets raised at some point.

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    Didn't the U2 and SR-71 fly at 80? Should go up to their at least. I think I've been up to 80 in the U2 and SR-71 myself in FS2004. I have flown up to 65 with my F-22 in FSX.
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    I have had the Xtreme Prototypes X-15's well over 250,000 feet and to nearly Mach 4. Aerodynamic controls stop working at that altitude and FSX does not model for control thrusters. One must plan a gradual pitch over to maintain angle of attack going over the top of the climb. But it works. Great view too.

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    I mean, these sorts of altitudes aren't irrealistic, the MiG-25 has climbed up to 120k+ feet and regularily conducted recon missions at ridiculously high altitudes over Israel and Pakistan, so I don't see why we couldn't climb that high.

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