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Thread: Ez land classes error

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    I have exactly th same problem and I never found a solution. I think it might have to do with windows 10.

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    I don't understand why there's a need to connect to the sim to make landclass in the first place? Admittedly I've never used EZ Landclass but I've done it with SBuilder9 and SBuilderX and you just go to the location you want to change and start clicking in landclass tiles. You can add a background of aerial imagery to act as a guide if you want giving yourself an idea which LC type to place at a given location. Have you considered SBuilder9 at all?

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    Right yea, I’m ok using either of them, I just need something to change landclasses and water classes.
    I’ll try this thanks

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    I’m on win 7 however it was working ok a month ago, I think it has something to do with the fsconnect

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    Jim, the main reason for using EZlandclass is that it is a lot quicker to use for just changing land class of a complete LOD.
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    Do you mean assigning a single LC value to a complete LOD5 cell? Or are you talking about mixed LC values, ie forests, towns, fields, etc all throughout that LOD5 cell?

    If you're just assigning a single value to an entire LOD5 cell you can open the .raw file in Photoshop and fill the whole thing with the correct color and recompile. Can't get much quicker than that, lol. Intermixed values are a different story though.

    I found an old download of EZLandclass 2.0 from 2005 and I'm playing with it. My fsconnect apparently works OK, it found the cell on the spreadsheet anyway (also on Win7). Haven't figured out what I'm supposed to do from there yet.

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    Jim, a single land class throughout a cell. So if there are some 30 of them along one bank of a river that in FS9 doesn't have trees and should have, then it takes a total of 30 typings of "22" in the relevant excel squares and and a couple of mouse clicks to make the bgl. Total of 10 minutes? (presuming 22 is the right number for the trees that you want). Why would I want to open photoshop? It does not auto-generate mixed deciduous and coniferous cool forest trees.
    Land class numbers are to be found at the bottom of the sheet; click on "land class" (from memory, I don't have it open)

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    Awsome, We’re you find the ezlandclasses 2.0? Thanks

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    Mine came from Avsim but apparently it was one of the files lost in the infamous library meltdown of of 2009.

    It's in the library here too, same filename, same dates on all the files:

    Is that different than what you were using?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Wensley View Post
    Why would I want to open photoshop? It does not auto-generate mixed deciduous and coniferous cool forest trees.
    Hi Roger, the .raw file is made up of different colored pixels and each color represents an LC value, for example LC value 22 is RGB 22,22,22. When you type "22" into 30 cells in EZ Landclass it fills 30 correctly positioned pixels with that color and resample reads those and compiles the correct LC value into the .bgl. (the .raw file is keyed to a longitude and latitude in the .inf)

    When you said EZ Landclass "is a lot quicker to use for just changing land class of a complete LOD" I thought you meant a complete LOD5 cell which is made up of 66049 cells in the EZ Landclass spreadsheet, 257 cells horizontally and 257 cells vertically. The .raw file is 257px x 257px so you can see how each pixel corresponds to a cell in the worksheet. If you opened the .raw file in photoshop and filled the whole thing with 22,22,22 and recompiled, it would be the equivalent of typing "22" into each one of those 66049 cells in the EZ Landclass spreadsheet.

    I thought that's what you meant by "changing a complete LOD", in practice I can't think of a reason you'd ever want to fill an entire LOD5 cell with a single LC value, it'd be the most boring thing in the world to fly over and it would cover something like 300 km horizontally and 300 km vertically, lol. Somehow I didn't think that's really what you were trying to do.

    Sometimes I've done LC and maybe I didn't like one value I put in, say I clicked in a few hundred cells of "22" Cool Conifer Forest and later decided they should have been "23" Cool Mixed Forest. I've opened the .raw file in photoshop and selected all the "22" pixels with the magic wand tool and filled them all with 23,23,23. Then just run resample on it again and it's a done deal. Saves a lot of clicking (in Sbuilder, or typing in EZ Landclass).

    It's also possible to turn a landclass or a waterclass into a seasons adjustment .bgl (and more) by manipulating colors on the .raw file and modifying the .inf. They're all made the same way where those pixel colors are read by resample and it knows what to do with them.


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