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    Default Fsx steam faq

    I am coming back to FS after several years of interruption. Sveral years ago I was a fan of FS2004
    I have downloaded FSX STEAM but have a lot of questions
    Years ago there was a FS2004 general FAQ on this site to answer a lot of installation / fine tuning ..
    is there a general FAQ for FSX on this site? I cannot locate it.
    thanks for help.

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    We have an FSX landing page where knowledge about that sim is accumulated. You can reach it from our home page by clicking on "FSX" on the second row of the blue menu bar. Or you can go directly here:

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    thanks a lot

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    with the coolie hat of my Logitech Force 3D Pro I can pan view in 3D cockpit but it does not work in 2D cockpit. In FS9 there was something to add in the FS9.cfg file. Is it also the case in FSX SE?

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