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Thread: ADE 9X complier error?

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    Unhappy ADE 9X complier error?

    After over 3 hours work adding more taxiways to an airfield project. Attempted a Compile BIG FAIL. Slowly deleted EVERYTHING I had added in order of construction trying to compile at each stage NOTHING

    error code as follows

    Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know
    what the compiler error is so that we can improve the Issue Manager.

    The compiler message is shown below

    ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling
    Using BglComp....

    Parsing document: C:\Users\Murray\ESSS_ADE9_MK.xml

    ERROR: Empty IDENTIFIER tagERROR C2031: Failed element parse <Leg>
    ERROR C2032: XML Parse Error! Element tree follows:

    ERROR: <FSData
    ERROR: version = 9.0
    ERROR: >
    ERROR: <Airport
    ERROR: country = United Kingdom
    ERROR: state = Hampshire
    ERROR: city = Stoney Cross
    ERROR: name = Stoney Cross AB
    ERROR: lat = 50.9006080858661
    ERROR: lon = -1.66184072359506
    ERROR: alt = 326.0F
    ERROR: magvar = 3.40000009536743
    ERROR: ident = ESSS
    ERROR: >
    ERROR: <Approach
    ERROR: type = GPS
    ERROR: runway = 01
    ERROR: designator = NONE
    ERROR: suffix = 0
    ERROR: gpsOverlay = FALSE
    ERROR: fixType = WAYPOINT
    ERROR: fixRegion = EG
    ERROR: fixIdent = TARAN
    ERROR: altitude = 2400.0F
    ERROR: heading = 1
    ERROR: missedAltitude = 3400.0F
    ERROR: >
    ERROR: <ApproachLegs
    ERROR: >
    ERROR: <Leg
    ERROR: type = IF
    ERROR: fixRegion = EG
    ERROR: fixIdent =
    ERROR: altitudeDescriptor = +
    ERROR: altitude1 = 2400.0F
    ERROR: >

    ERROR: Compilation errors detected, compilation failed!

    Parse complete!

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    Looks like the approaches have errors.

    Did you open the BGL directly or some XML? Is this an add-on airport or default airport?
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    Hi CRJ

    This is one of my own WW2 airfield recreations. Using old google maps, images, photos etc I run a project to recreate the old airfields also creating my own replica buildings if none exist.

    It has all been working fine after every save. I save my work often as adding the taxiways hard standings etc is time consuming. 6 years ago I had already finished this one but my old PC got a virus and I hadnt been backing up so lost over a years work and probably over a dozen airfields and many buildings.

    With this lockdown I have got back into it but time hasnt doing my memory much good and its like learning from scratch again.

    I dont recall having opened anything directly. This fault only appeared after a long stint yesterday adding many taxiways. The error appeared so I removed all the work I had done to that point attempting a compile at each stage to see what it was - with no joy!

    Strangely though I think I might need to reinstall ADE as it happens if I start a new test project from scratch? It also now has an error that my FX folder is missing? I dont use FX anywhere and certainly havent deleted or moved it so......................???

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    Well I have just binned the whole airfield and started over. Now it is compliling.
    I deleted everything trying a compile after each but this didnt work. I THINK I may have changed a WAYPOINT? But could not find out how to check or access these again.
    I wont be doing THAT anymore!
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