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    I have installed the tds_util so that i can attach stairs ect i can open doors but things like loader vehicles buses dont appear am i missing something. I have one 737-800 and when i use the util with it everything works i get buses stairs cargo catering but i cant get it to work properly with any other plane. What am i missing. Does anyone know where i can download a good ground services utility?
    Any help much app

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    The TDS Utility only works with TDS aircraft. If you want ground services for all aircraft, try FSDreamTeam's GSX for FSX/P3D:
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    Thanks for taking the time to reply it is much appreciated. I have downloaded the evaluation setup if it serves the purpose i will buy.

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    There are 2 different tds_util gauges. One works, the other not so much.
    If you are sure the plane should have those carts as well, try installing "the other" tds_util gauge in that plane. (try using the gauge from the tds 737 you have for example.)

    To move that over you'll need to move the util gauge file to the panel folder of your plane. You'll then have to edit the plane's aircraft.cfg file and change the Window_xx section for the util gauge to the section that is in the 737 aircraft.cfg file. (make a backup of your aircraft.cfg file before editing.).

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