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How's about opening that file with BOUNDARY you compiled successfully. Then recompiling that, this time with COASTLINE. (My thinking there is: maybe it needed boundarys defined before those boundaries can be defined as COASTLINE type.)??!

I actually did get it to compile a while later with COASTLINE using the P3D version of bglcomp but then I didn't see anything on the map at all, lol. (and that was in P3D so not an issue with trying to use a P3D .bgl in FSX) It was an easy enough test to duplicate all my "BOUNDARY" vertices and assign them "COASTLINE" however so I tried that which put both in the .bgl, but nope that didn't help either.

I did a little searching though and Dick Ludowise had this to say:

I had looked at the GPS polys and they can be excluded and redrawn.

But the problem is the Garmin GPS gauges don't use them! The GPS units appear to read the terrain waterpolys. This applies to the map view as well.

So it appears the GPS Hydropolys are useless.
So I don't know where that leaves us because there's definitely a terrain waterpoly there with a hole in it for the island.

I've gone as far as decompiling the default cvx1415.BGL, setting my Island as a hole in both the hydro polys and the GPS hydro polys and recompiling, replacing the default cvx1415.BGL with my modified one. I oppose anything that involves modifying default files so I don't see this as an acceptable solution even if it had worked, but this was a test that I can easily undo, I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this.

I tried moving my mesh file into the 0101\scenery folder and even renamed it "dem0101.bgl" while disabling the default dem0101.bgl.

My conclusion is officially: Damifino!