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Thread: Classic Canadian "Can Do"

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    "CP Air, were out ti be your airline!!"

    ya for those that dont know CP air merged into Canadian Airlines, then Canadian went out of biz, or bankrupt by 2001 and merged every asset into air canada...and then air canada retired some of those jets as well..back in 2005-06 or so...

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    Following my earlier presentations on PP 1 of this thread ....

    Another couple of great classic Canadian liveries by Phil HUGHES .... released during the past couple of days.

    These subjects being in the form of B744's featuring both the transitional CANADIAN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL/AIR CANADA livery from around 2001 .... and also the definitive AIR CANADA scheme from around 2002 .... both being for the GE CF6-80 engine version of the POSKY B747-400.

    Both of these textures are available from FS.COM .... as a 2 livery package.

    PLEASE NOTE: Although this's a 2-livery package there are actually 2 separate files for it .... both of which are needed/must be downloaded and installed in order "complete" the package. These file names are as follows ....

    FILE # 1 (this's the principle package .... containing "both" textures/liveries)

    FILE # 2 (this's an update for the above principle package .... containing corrected/replacement texture BMP files for both liveries)

    Once again .... both the "principal texture package" .... as well as the "update texture package" also .... are absolutely necessary in order to complete both of these liveries.

    Mark C

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    For those interested ....

    Phillip HUGHES has, today, released an "UPDATE" for his earlier released (and earlier presented within this thread) CANADIAN AIRLINES "Proud Wings" liveried B747-400 texture as follows ....

    PLEASE NOTE: This is not only a "FIX" to correct some minor errors .... but .... is also an "UPDATE composed of additional detail improvements too.

    This texture is for the GE CF6-80 engined version of POSKY B747-400.

    The principal texture file .... plus the update for it .... are both available from FS.COM and as "separate files" as follows ....

    FILE # 1: This's the principle/full texture package .... the CANADIAN AIRLINES INTERNATIONAL "Proud Wings" livery for B744 C-GMWW ....

    FILE # 2: This's the update for above mentioned principle/full texture package .... which is composed of 2X texture BMP files to overwrite the same files contained within the original full livery package ....

    Mark C

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