Team Fusion Simulations is very excited to announce that TFS 5.0 is now in the Beta Testing stage of development!

TFS 5.0 will enable players to battle it out on land, sea and air in the new North African desert map (time frame - December 1940 to June 1942), and the existing Channel map (time frame - December 1940 to August 1941).

TFS team members and our Alpha testers have put in thousands of hours into the continued development of new assets to 5.0, verifying and improving flight characteristics, updating special effects, sounds, and bug fixing.

Thanks to the Alpha testers for the work you have done and will be during Beta testing.

Major improvements from the commencement of Alpha:

Desert map (all aspects)

Damage modelling

Flight and engine characteristics

Special effects

Cockpit and external animations in multiple aircraft

Rear visibility to ensure historical and physical accuracy

Shore adjustments

Vehicle spacing fixed

Full mission builder - new elements added

Channel map

Additions during Alpha testing:

New ships, including Cruisers and freighters (will be showcased in a future update)

New tanks and vehicles

Adding numerous airfield templates

Damaged buildings

Rock formations along north coast shoreline



TFS Team