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Thread: oom

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    Are you indeed getting an error that says out of memory or is it some other error? It may help to take a print screen of that error box. Also, look in event viewer. You can save the application and system events, zip and upload here.

    The Vancouver scenery has no name. Not sure why that is. Try disabling that once and see what happens.

    What is in priority 1 and 2?
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    thanks goes bling bling a broken chord.....and there's pixel breakup...then shuts down......
    priority 1-2....i'll check into that thanks......
    also...does flying in windowed mode take less memory?.....

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    sorry....gonna have to reinstall ...screwed up ....yuk......thanks.....

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    yea....i fixed it...i fixed it.....thanks for all the advice.......thought i'd end on a positive note.....

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    I for one like endings with positive notes! I have been following this thread. Well done and enjoy.

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    You have a lot of ORBX stuff enabled. With a similar setup to yours I cannot fly IFR for any length of time without an OOM. My solution is to use ORBX for vfr and short flights and disable it for longer IFR flights.
    Works for me, hope this helps.

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