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Thread: PC crash during upgrade of stuff

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    Default PC crash during upgrade of stuff

    Like they say - "Sometimes the bear gets YOU."

    New i5 processor to upgrade from my Dell i3? Check. New Geoforce graphics card? Check. New 32" curved HD monitor to enjoy those upgrades? Check. I am now happy? UNcheck please.

    It would appear that letting a sausage fingered retired geezer use a broad-axe as a pinpoint tech tool is the wrong combination. I managed to bugger up several of the CPU socket pins beyond hope of resurrection so my Dell is toast and the i5 and Geoforce have been returned through Amazon for credit. A new HP i5 gaming computer has been purchased and should arrive next week.


    Proof positive that while an old dog may well learn 'how' to do a new trick or two, it doesn't necessarily mean they 'can' do it successfully on the first try - lol

    Oh well, at least when the HP arrives there is a yoke, quadrant and rudder pedals awaiting it. Can't wait to see what this monitor looks like in action.

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    Mini hardware update of sorts.

    After a few days of 'calm reflection' and 'serenity' - lol - I've decided to locate an appropriate refurb motherboard on e-bay and install the original i3 processor on it to get the old Dell back up and functional. After wiping the hard drive of my personal files and software, the whole desktop rig, including the 23'' flat screen monitor, will make for a nice donation to the worthy cause of my choice. Assuming that sometime in the future I am again free to roam the wilds of the Tri-State region, post Covid lockdown constraints.

    I have learned by my aggressive failing at it and shall not bugger up this install...……..all forms of future buggering up will just have to wait till the next brand new thing I try - LOL
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    Located a bunch of them on e-bay, picked the one from a highly rated seller and giddy-up, $40 later one will arrive Thursday.

    With luck and a tail-wind a final update will be made by the weekend indicating my ultimate success at desktop resurrection.
    "Don't believe everything you see on the internet." - Abraham Lincoln

    "Measure twice, cut once, curse, add shims."

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    The only thing better than the anticipatory delight knowing your new PC is coming tomorrow, is having it appear a day early. Of course it took a mini eternity to get Windows and other apps updated and running, but the 32" curved HD monitor provides a simply amazing view out the cockpit windows. Not glad this upgrade started with a self-inflicted CPU upgrade wound, but mighty pleased with the resulting new HP desktop.

    Once I have everything brought over from my old system I'll get the whole flight sim shebang assembled and post a pic in a new thread.
    "Don't believe everything you see on the internet." - Abraham Lincoln

    "Measure twice, cut once, curse, add shims."

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