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Thread: Cannot Change Aircraft Model

  1. Default Cannot Change Aircraft Model

    I had this happen once years ago; but, I forget how I fixed it.

    I have an aircraft with 4 models.

    If I load the second, third or fourth model, I can then switch and load any of its other models.

    If I initially I load the very first model and then try to load a different model, it stays with the first model.

    If I load any other model ( second, third or fourth) of that aircraft and then switch to the first one listed, I can no longer switch back to any of the other three.

    I vaguely remember this was due to an error in the aircraft.cfg file in the past.

    Your thoughts?

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    Ray - Your aircraft folder and aircraft.cfg should show all models, and I hope I can explain this:

    The way it appears in the aircraft folder:


    The way the aircraft.cfg should appear:

    model=1 #### model 1 is the active model ####

    model=3 #### model 3 is the active model ####

    You have to silence // the inactive models. Only one can be selected at a time. This same principle applies to panels, should you have 2 different panels given to an aircraft.

    Hope this makes sense! Good luck!

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    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    I just discovered the error.

    In this case the added models were looking for common textures that were only in the main texture folder. By copying all the common texture files to the texture folder of every model, the error was corrected.

    I appreciate your effort,


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    YW! Glad you were able to sort things out!


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