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  1. Cool in flight voices

    hello flyers

    i was just wondering if anyone can recommenced where i can download or purchase an addon to have in flight cabin crew and co pilot voices just like if you are playing the fsx missions thank u in advance

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    I think I've seen some 'in flight' audio stuff uploaded to the library. I've never used any such 'cause, you know, multiplayer with real people.

    However, if you can't find anything appropriate in the library you might consider writing out the desired type of dialog and getting the necessary voice recording help from some friends, acquaintances, girlfriend(s), girlfriends of your friends, total strangers on the forum here, etc. Former girlfriends might also be a good bet because something ambitious like this might end up with some of them never wanting to speak to you again...

    Keep the home fires burning,

    PS good first post and welcome to our shared obsession!
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    If your talking about crew announcements such as when boarding, during flight etc there is a payware addition called FS Cabin Crew - see HERE - that might do what you want....there is a link to a restricted use demo version on the website. I don't own the product but I believe that you can use a tool that comes with the product to add your own crew, etc


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    I would recommend seeking out Radar Contact v4 which used to be a commercial program but illness meant the developer decided to let it go for free - It may be available here or Avsim. Then seek out voicepacks under the title of Meatwater (10 files) again probably here. It is really a superior replacement of the standard FSX ATC but it does provide the said voices you want.

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