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Thread: 11.50 Wow!!!!!

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    So the hype is real! No stutters what-so-ever! I flew Chicago just buzzing around the city with X-plane Maxed and no stutters with solid frame rates!
    Nice job Austin!

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    Post your computer specs and settings please.
    In my PC I9 @ 4.7GHz, 32GB RAM and GTX 1080, Visuals HDR and Texture High, 4XAA, Objects Medium, Reflections Minimal, 4K I get 10FPS less, Ortho for the area, with the same settings, than I get in 1141, and my VR is useless just a slide show.

    The visuals are better, sharper lines and better colors like my Ver 1120 was but the overall performance is much worse.
    It is my hope that there will be some better code efficiency improvement in the future, but as it is now it is worse, for me at least than 1141.

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    My specs are:
    Ryzen 7 2700X @ 4ghz
    EVGA GTX 1070ti
    32 gig of Corsair RGB ram
    Samsung 1 TB ssd

    As for my settings I have a video uploading to youtube right now and I'll post the link here after it's done but suffice it to say that all sliders are to the right. I am flying in 1080p and my frames dipped to 23 fps a few times but if the frame rate wasn't displayed you would have thought it was a solid 60. Stay tuned for the video. About 1.5 hours upload time left.

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    I installed 11.5 in my XP (Steam - no add-ons), and was happy to see improved scenery definition with Vulcan and max graphics settings with 20-30 FPS. However, the pleasure was short, as I started getting warnings of excessive GPU temperature (exceeding 80 Celsius on a GTX 1080 Ti). I have never seen the GPU that hot, in P3D4 with Orbx scenery and Aerosoft FS2 it runs at 50-65 C.

    XP11 and I still have not had a happy relationship!

    Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.6 GHz; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti 11GB GDDR5X; ASRock Z270 K6 Gaming MB, 16GB DDR4-3000 RAM; 500GB SSD + 2TB HDD; Windows 10 Pro 64-bit; 34" 21:9 curved 4K Monitor

  5. Thumbs down Lots of money spent/where's the joy?

    I, too, experienced a very short relationship with 11.50. After an initial first flight with many of the happy discoveries mentioned above, it shut down with a black screen a couple of times, then would not load at all. No matter which aircraft I chose to fly, it would go through the processes of pre-loading, then crash to black screen. I went to 'help' and received a message which read: "This was not our best day...". I rolled back to my previous version with no glitches and it's been fine since.

    I do love flightsiming, and doing it correctly (as a private pilot) by spending the time to plan my route, note the ATIS, VOR & NDB frequencies needed, air space restrictions, etc,--even though most flights will be on auto pilot/GPS --as we were instructed, we should prepare for the day when the GPS and/or the G1000 screens fail. I have double-24" display setup driven by an MSI GTX1660Ti GPU with 6 gigs mem/ASUS Pro Gaming mobo/32 gigs ram / Intel i5-6600K CPU. This is enough to provide a rewarding flight sim experience without breaking the bank. I have a weakness for any new model that comes from Aerobask, Carenado, or many others, and enjoy the exercise of studying the manuals and learning the startup procedures & V-speeds for each one.

    This being said, I have one major complaint regarding flightsiming: I'm spending far too much time getting X-plane and the various plugin addons to work properly. The glitches with Navigraph, Goodway, xEnviro, etc, always need attention and I'm wasting flying time getting them solved. I have far too much money involved in X-plane to switch to Microsoft or some others at this point and this is a quandry. Here's an example: I bought a VKB stick from 2 years ago. The left side hat switch button (trim) failed within the first year of a 2-year-warranty. I wrote to 'sales' and asked for help to either get a replacement part or a new stick. I was told that I "had already received a new stick and the warranty had therefore been honored". I replied that I had never before made such a request and asked for the paperwork to 'prove' it. No reply. With no help there I looked everywhere on line for the simple plugin 'chip' that's inside the thumb switch housing...nothing. I went directly to VKB for help...nothing. So, I'm stuck with a $100 stick that works fine otherwise, but I've had to 'work-around' by dedicating keyboard keys for up/dwn trim. This is not what I paid for. Anyone else had similar issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RollandS View Post
    ... but I've had to 'work-around' by dedicating keyboard keys for up/dwn trim. This is not what I paid for. Anyone else had similar issues?
    One easy workaround is to use Voice commands, see some of my posts on this forum, that will augment your Keyboard, Jstick.. inputs. See a list of commands / phrases that you can use below, and it's very simple to add more. I use no Keyboard at all, just my Jstick, Rudder pedals and Vocals voice control a free open source app. you can find on github or post here for more info.

    About the XP11 versions I strongly suggest that everyone keep ver. 11.41r1 until the Vulkan version gets stable and finalized. I am not sure how long that version will be available get it, save it, and keep it. In addition if you have Win 7 that may be the only ver you can use in the future.
    From all my tests to date, while you may get some higher FPS, the quality of the texture, and overall enjoyment of the Vulkan lacks, in particular when it comes to using Ortho, which in my opinion is a must.
    In VR I am also not able to get the quality of the 1141, when it comes to quality of the Cockpit text, Ortho texture.. regardless of what I tried. I know that they say that it's still in beta and they are not interested in feedback from users of any included addons but without some addons like Ortho XP11 is completely useless for VFR flying, at least in my opinion.
    Note: The formatting gets eliminated in the post, there are 3 columns, i.e.
    Command (You speak)>Flaps up, Key (Issued) D1 Answer(speech synthesized) Flaps up

    Commands / Phrases for Vocals Speech control app used in XP11.
    To use: Place "win.xpl"(, and "Vocals.exe" ( and "" and profiles.vd included here, in a newly created directory ...X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\ExtPlane\Vocals, and Start XP11 in windows mode. Make changes to the keys NEW and CHANGE keys listed below, Start Vocals with Run as Administrator, and select XP11 profile, and Application X-System You can now go back to XP11 and use Full screen.
    To use with VR XP11 start Vocals, Start XP11 with VR enabled.

    Note: Dx is Decimal number 1.. OemOpenBrackets IS [ etc.

    Command Key Answer
    Flaps up D1 Flaps up
    Flaps down D2 Flaps down
    Brakes toggle B Brakes toggle Off / ON
    Landing gear down D Gear down
    Positive rate gear up U Gear up
    Map toggle M Map toggle
    Mixture Off F7 Mixture Off
    Mixture Full F8 Mixture Full
    Carb heat off F9 Carb heat off
    Carb heat on F10 Carb heat on
    Trim nose down OemOpenBrackets Nose down
    Trim nose down a lot OemOpenBrackets Nose down a lot (4x)
    Trim nose up Sft OemOpenBrackets nose up (NEW KEY XP11)
    Trim nose up a lot Sft OemOpenBrackets nose up a lot (4x) (NEW KEY XP11)
    Reverse trust toggle Sft OemBackslash Reverse trust

    G 1000 approach toggle SHFT O Approach toggled (NEW KEY XP11)
    Autopilot toggle SHFT G Autopilot toggle (NEW KEY XP11)
    Auto pilot approach toggle CTRL A A. Pee Approach toggled
    Autopilot heading hold toggle SHFT A Heading hold toggle
    Auto pilot altitude on SFT i Altitude hold
    Flight director toggle SFT J Flight director toggle

    3 D cockpit SFT D9 3 D On
    Move head up CTRL K Head up (CHANGE IN XP KEYS)
    Move head back Oemcomma 2X Head back
    Move head forward OemPeriod 2X Head forward
    Move head down DOWN +Shft Eye point down
    Move head down a lot DOWN+Shftx4 Head down a lot
    Look ahead W Forward view (DEFAULT)
    Forward view NumPad1 Num pad 1 (VIEW SAVED CTRL NumP1)
    Look up SFT R Look up fast Inactive in VR
    Look down SFT F Look down fast Inactive in VR
    Look left SFT Q 4x Look left (90DEG.) Inactive in VR
    Look right SFT E 4X Look right (90DEG.) Inactive in VR
    Increase ground speed SFT T Increase ground speed Inact in VR?
    Increase ground speed a lot SFT T 2X Increase ground speed a lot Inact in VR?
    Outside view D8 Outside view
    Zulu time backwards K 4X Time backwards
    Zulu time forward L 3X Time forward
    Zulu time backwards a lot SFT K Time backwards
    Zulu time forward SFT L Time forward

    Swap Nav 1 CTRL D9 Naav1 swap
    Swap Nav 2 CTRL D0 Naav 2 swap
    Swap Com 1 OemMinus Com 1 swap
    Swap Com 2 CTRL 0 Swap com 2 (CHANGE IN XP KEYS)

    Pause P Pause
    Exit Shft F4 Exit (CHANGE IN XP KEYS)
    Testing KeyCode Speech is On sir (TEST)
    Zoom in VR Period x9 + DOWN x3 Zoom in (To read the small text)
    Toggle VR Cursor Y Toggle cursor ;Needs assignment in XP "Y"
    Cowl flaps open OemBackslash+Ctrl x10 Cowl flaps closed (CHANGE IN XP KEYS)
    Cowl flaps Closed OemBackslash+Shft x10 Cowl flaps open (CHANGE IN XP KEYS)
    Toggle Recording Ctrl+Space Recording toggled
    Reset Flight Sft+OpenBrkt Reset Flight

    Stop listening ControlKey Press Control on Keyboard to Listen >Change in ""
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    Oh, Wow! My head hurts. But thanks for the info.

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