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Thread: Fs9 is there a future

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    Quote Originally Posted by BONDENO View Post
    only downside i like to keep my AI up to date
    Personally, I really don't care about up to date AI but regarding AI, to keep AI up to date is a massive task. There is no flight sim and never will be that will keep it all up to date. It will be a battle you will always be fighting with any flight sim. It's also a massive time killer trying to keep it up to date when you could just be having fun and flying.

    I run all the WOAI packages. They give me great variety in AI. I see airlines that no longer exist which I enjoy and is kinda nice. My FS9 will be stuck in the WOAI time period forever and I'm totally fine with that.
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    Mark Daniels

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    Here is something else of interest from the file library.

    FS2002: 27,483 files
    FS2004: 93,622 files
    FSX: 42,603 files

    We have masses of content. The FS2004 period was the peak in development quantity and flight sim interest.
    As for the new MSFS, I would expect it to have the lowest figures. I would also bet my house if you took an "average cost per add-on" figure across all freeware and payware add-ons, MSFS will be through the roof compared to any other flight sim.

    The future of other sims is high cost, high risk, many issues and ultimately huge disappointment.

    None of this applies to FS9.
    Mark Daniels

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    there is a new high quality scenery in the pipeline for FS2004. Renton Municipal KRNT is being developed. release date is unknown as the guys who are developing it are busy at the moment. i've got the v1 version to test and I'm looking into enhancing the surrounding area with buildings and custom autogen/vegetation. FS9 IS ALIVE. I have a youtube channel for the sim and it is slowly growing. FS9 users are very passionate about this sim. it is stable and always brings joy to its users

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    Not forgetting that FS2004 works on anything!
    You dont have to keep tweaking or upgrading hardware to have FS2004 working well.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by zswobbie1 View Post
    Not forgetting that FS2004 works on anything!
    I didn't forget that myself Robin. Falls under high cost.

    I like the technical, pushing button side to flight simming.
    With iFly 737 in FS9 or PMDG 737 in MSFS what will be the difference? The only difference will be several thousands of dollars to push the buttons in MSFS after the required software and hardware purchases.
    Even after this, then I will have to most likely still deal with poor FPS even on the most expensive system when coming into airports like a custom Heathrow.

    Using FS9, I have an awesome looking Heathrow, can run any weather, can come in at the end of a 6 hour flight, FS9 won't crash, it won't stutter, I can just fly in, enjoy the view and focus on a perfect landing.
    People will be paying thousands and sitting there in frustration trying to achieve what I can do so easily.
    They do this now using FSX!
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    Mark Daniels

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    Hi Mate whats your u tube Channel

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    Despite all the very positive comments here, FS9 has a very big lack: the conical shape of the world and therefore the impossibility to land and take-off corectly at Artic and Antarctic airfields. Not very used areas, I agree. But annoying nevertheless.


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    It's Short Final. Theres the link

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornetAircraft View Post
    Thanks will take a look

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