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Thread: Brand Newbie Questions for IMac XPlane

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    First I am NOT computer savvy. I bought XPlane 11 to practice instrument procedures etc.
    I do not understand most of the settings and I am running the Alfa Honeycomb yoke and have tried multiple settings.
    1. The pitch is so bad that it takes two hands to move. Using the trim causes it to pitch up and down about 15 degrees.
    2. Finally changed the settings and it is somewhat flyable but still never know what it will do.

    The documentation is sorely lacking. Are there any easily readable for a non computer scientist to understand.

    I flew it tonight on auto pilot and the controls on the screen both visually and physically are moving constantly. To view the aircraft externally it looks like it is “vibrating” constantly

    Thanks, be gentle

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    Don't know what plane you are flying, but start with a small and easy one. One with very basic controls in the cockpit. Not something like a 737.

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