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Thread: Resizing Textures

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    I regularly resize and optimise textures, I have a great PDF guide for resizing and
    optimising textures, I don't see a way to add a PDF to posts, so if you PM me,
    I could e-mail it to you, it is very useful and easy to follow,


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    3x 500GB Western Digital Blue 3D SSD SATA III
    Creative Sound Blaster Z Ultra High-Performance Sound Card 5.1Ch 24Bit
    Avermedia HD-C985 Live video capture card
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    W10 64 Professional
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    Quote Originally Posted by mallcott View Post
    Cheaper to buy a better/faster computer!

    A strange reply? Irfanview is a great little easy to use utility and has no bearing on whether you have a new or old computer??

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    Overwhelming help, thank you all very much!

    I`m gonna spent some time on resizing now!

    Thanks all

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