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Thread: Are there these carriers for fs9?

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    Default Are there these carriers for fs9?

    I wonder if these carriers exist for fs9:

    HMS Centaur, HMS Victorious, HMS Bulwark, USS Midway, USS Essex (or any Essex class carriers), USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, USS Coral Sea.

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    Yes, quite a few.
    Google aircraft carrier fs2004
    There is also scenery & AI aircraft for Battles of the Coral Sea & Midway.
    There are carriers for scenery & for sailing.

    PM me if you are interested.
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    Some of these carriers and others are available at SOH as CFS2 models. Their aircraft.cfg and air files could be adapted in order to us them as movable or static AI (instead of scenery object).


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    If you do an advanced search for "Carriers 2006" you will find a package of that name. It has 18 Nimitz class carriers, positioned in strategic places all around the world. There is a whole lot of support files for them, too.

    There is also a package called Transload-Carrier-Fleet which looks like it's a value-add based on the original 2006 package.

    What do you want to do with your carriers? Do you simply want pretty static models you can look at? Or are you going to want to operate from them, complete with arrestor hooks and catapults?
    Steve from Murwilllumbah.

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