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Thread: North American AJ-1 Savage problem

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    Default North American AJ-1 Savage problem

    I have iinstalled A.F.Scrub's AJ-1 Savage from SIMVIATION and have these problems with it:

    1. The bombay doors stay open and the hook won't come down.

    2. The ATIS info window bar at the top of the screen keeps coming up and when I close it it opens again. How can I disable it?

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    Have you read ALL of the documentation and completed ALL of the installation and configuration steps?

    Regarding problem #1. If you have the MCX program (and you should!) you could run the animation slider and see whether the bombay doors open/close and/or the hook goes up/down. If this doesn't happen, then I would suspect that there is a problem with the model itself.

    On the other hand, if all of these move as they are supposed to, then I would look at whether your panel switches to do these functions are correctly coded. That is, do their codes match what the .mdl model expects them to be.
    Steve from Murwilllumbah.

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    dont taake this advise about the CRAMMY Program.

    It is NOT needed.

    The Plane uses NORMAL Assignments, in case you have NOT done so see as follows.

    Keyboard Assignment
    Tail Hook Up/Down SHIFT & H
    Wing Fold SHIFT & F

    Bomb Bay Close? OPEN CTRL & SHIFT & V These are STANDARD FS9 Keyboard Values. Usually
    Close CTRL & SHIFT & C use for the Engine Cowl Flaps!!

    You can at the same time ASSIGN all 4 Keyboard Assignments to any of your Joystick Buttons.
    IF you do NOT know how to do it feel FREE to contact me at

    [email protected]

    Hope this helps.

    G. Kirschstein

    P.S. I do NOT understand how people can give EXOTIC advice EVEN IF they do NOT know what they taking about.


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