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Thread: Real Air Duke - Icing

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    I have the RealAir Beech Duke piston twin, and It's about my favourite GA twin to fly in FSX. I have had one or two issues, though, in weather conditions that could be expected to produce icing. I have suffered progressive power loss, as though air intakes icing up, but have been unable to find any control for 'Hot Air to intakes'. Does the Duke have such a thing, or how else should I recover from the power-loss issue?

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    No engine deicing switches in the cockpit? How about hitting the h key?

    From the aircraft.cfg:

    structural_deice_type=3 //0 = None, 1 = Heated Leading Edge, 2 = Bleed Air Boots, 3 = Eng Pump Boots

    I did find these switches in the cockpit for Pitot tube heat and deicing.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Try something such as "alternate air." Turbine engine might have heated intakes, but on fuel injected piston engines it's typically just alternate (carb heat is only for carburetors). I don't know how it's configured in that aircraft, but the above should help.

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    Yeah, I found the various de-icing switches etc, and Pitot heat certainly works OK, as in icing conditions I soon lost Airspeed indication without Pitot Heat On! The 'Defrost Air' did not appear to be a cure for my loss of power, though! Still experimenting. Not yet tried the 'h' key - next time up!

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    Have you tried prop heat? This normally cures the power problem with fuel injected engines in FSX/P3D.

    If encountering actual icing conditions I would use all of the de/anti-icing equipment available.

    Defrost air doesn't belong to the de-icing equipment.

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