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Thread: Article: An Introduction To Livery Painting With Layers Part 1

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    Default Article: An Introduction To Livery Painting With Layers Part 1

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    Great timing as I am trying to figure out layers with a paint kit on basic AI models verse asking a painter to it. I'm using but will switch over to Gimp to follow the tutorial. Thanks for posting this.

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    Very nice explanation.
    There is however something I would like to say about the suggested workflow.

    In this explanation the colored parts are on layers OVER (above) the main gray-scaled texture and these layers are set to multiply.
    BUT when we want to make lets say a red star on the yellow nose we cannot do the same with this red star.
    We can make a red star over the yellow nose and set the star to multyply ( we want to see the rivets and lines in the star too ), but whe have to remove the star from the yellow layer because multiplying red over yellow does not work.

    Personally I use a different workflow ( made over 700 paints last twenty years for FLY, MSFS and X-Plane )

    I use the gray-scaled texture "set to multiply"as my top-layer.
    Doing that I can paint my airplane like an oil painting on canvas, first the grass and then the cows UNDER this layer.
    For details on the plane wich should not show effects from the main-layer , I use layers on top of the main-layer.

    Download example;

    The airplane this layerfile was used for ,is on my frontpage.

    Leen de Jager
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    Nice one, I have had GIMP for ages but never really got my head around it. You have incentivised me to have another lock. Plenty of weeks coming being locked away in the man-cave.

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