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Thread: Virtual Airlines with unique features?

  1. Default Virtual Airlines with unique features?

    Hi all,

    I've been simming for about four years now, and in that time, have flown with multiple virtual airlines and quite frankly, they're all the same to me.

    I'd prefer fictional VAs, but ultimately want to find a VA where they can offer me more than just a different community. My preferred airline to fly whatever I want, whenever I want etc is Worldwide Virtual.

    My favorite airline with up to date schedules is Premier Virtual, formerly Phoenix Virtual Airways.

    Other than those, I don't know of any VA that really makes me sit down and go, yes, this is a great and unique interesting VA that I must sign up for that nobody else is doing. Everybody has X number of destinations, X number of routes, X number of divisions, and they claim they have a great community.

    Perhaps we need to gamify simming a bit? FSAirlines is great for having bid once only flights where you as the pilot get that flight alone and nobody else can fly it. after that it suffers from the above stuff when looking at multiple airlines.

    I wonder if there'd be a way to do dynamic tours/missions, achievements, etc. I'm not asking to win anything, but after flying for multiple airlines, most of which offer the same features with perhaps different scheduling and destinations, VAs have nothing to compete. Perhaps we should change the game in 2020.


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    I agree with you. Most VA's will say they're different but when you begin to look at the details they are like everyone else. Most VA's aren't anything close to a real airline. Most are just public logbooks or glorified aviation clubs.

    I'm not sure what you're really wanting in a VA. You seem bored with them. In real life, I think boredom plays a real part in a pilot's life. Lots of A to B then B to C then C to A and a lot of out and backs. That's part of the deal. Truth is most people, especially flight simmers wouldn't want a realistic virtual airline, they we be bored out of their minds.

    Could you list specific items?

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    Try fseconomy.

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    They are all the same because in reality there is only a handful of serverside software that helps someone who is not a web programmer put together a VA. Unless you can spend thousands of dollars on a completely custom solution then you have to make compromises.

    No VAs are not and never will be realistic. No matter how hard the staff tries there are limitations.

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    Buffalo seems pretty varied with many tours etc...

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    Check this thread out
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    I’m totally agree. More missions and achievement. I know Lufthansa Virtual had something like flying the nations team to the world cup etc. Want more like that, and extra paid in virtual money for different missions. But I left them by other reasons I can’t remember. Team Sky Virtual has alot of «awards» for flying a bunch of routes, but no missions and virtual wages/payment.

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    I joined premiere first time I joined a VA and I also joined UVA and I enjoy both there both different with UVA you have the freedom to plan you flight Fuel Weight etc as with Premiere you don't really .Is easier to rank up in premiere and the rules are more strict as far flights statistics go..UVA you need lot of hours to rank up and /Or do a checkride but the flights are more easy going you can set you own departure time and everything.bith are great.

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