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Thread: What Monitor(s) you running?

  1. Default What Monitor(s) you running?

    I looked at a couple of other threads on this topic and quickly got over my head! So sorry!

    I was leaning toward a single monitor.... maybe a curved 32"..... is this a good choice? No stretching, nothing skewed?

    This would be for FS2020 mainly and not much else. What specs do I need to look for?

    What are you using that your happy with? I don't mind spending a little more to not be disappointing.


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    If I was going that route I would consider one that is 4K. Other than that I would think it would be a nice choice. For myself, I use 5 displays... three 27" (1080P), across for a "wide-view", a 15" 16:9 for my instruments and a smaller 13" for my follow maps. These are run on across two PC's.
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    I have a 27" curved and I don't think there's much of a difference between a curved display and a flat display.

    I presently have the curved 27" Samsung and a 20" Dell flat monitor. The smaller Dell is used in FSX with Little Navmap on it as I fly on the bigger curved monitor. This is the way to roll since Little Navmap not only shows your plane, but AI planes and helicopters ( I have an addon for helos) and I can see the ILS, weather for airports, NDBs, VORs, etc. All on my second screen.

    The new Sim will more then likely be 4K capable, though I'm not sure. So getting a 4K monitor might be prudent. But do note that your video card has to support that resolution.
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    I have an ASUS PG348Q. It is an ultra-wide 34" screen with 21:9 aspect ratio and 3440x1440 resolution. It has a 100Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA GSYNC, so everything runs super smooth (GTX 1080Ti graphics card). I had a triple monitor setup long ago, but it was very clumsy and finicky with certain games. With the ultrawide monitor, I get almost the same wide aspect benefit but with a tenth of the hassle and desk clutter. Those ultrawide monitors are expensive though, but for me it was more than worth it.
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    Personally, I like the curved monitor if it's large enough to give you the feel of a true cockpit windshield. Mine is a 49" Samsung with a small second monitor for instruments below. This is a youtube post I made showing take-off and landing at Burke Lakefront airport in Cleveland.

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    I have a Acer Predator X34P ZeroFrame Curved 34i. and that works fine. Still have to work on my VR setup for Xplane. Have a PiMax 8K VR set. buet had some troubles getting it to work with Xplane. with DCS it is fabulous.

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    I've tried several configurations over the years. But I always go back to my old favorite. Three monitors for a wrap around feel. I was a RW pilot and just looking side to side is what seems normal to me.

    Having said that, I fiddled with several video cards before I hit upon one that doesn't cause issues. And yes, a fast processor on both the video card and the computer are both hugely important. However my total investment including three nice monitors is still much less than than buying only one of those huge curved monitors alone.

    All my aircraft have saved "HOME AIRPORT" flights from my home airport, KSDF, with the three monitors set as I like them. When I add another aircraft I intend to keep, I do a HOME flight for it as well.

    Once my aircraft are set up, all I have to do is call up a specific aircraft and its' saved flight, then "Move" that aircraft to the location of my next flight and all of my settings move with it.

    Basically once you get your planes set up, it's no harder than changing the location of any other flight.

    To each his/her own.

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    I struggled with the decision on monitors and how it would affect performance. over a period of years I upgraded my processor and video card (which ended up requiring a MB changeout and power supply upgrade) to accommodate two 4K monitors stacked vertically. Below is a link to a pic. I find this works really well for a Bizjet as I have plenty of monitor real estate for the guages without interfering with the outside view. Now, I miss a wrap around feel, but don't want to take the hit on frame rates with more monitors. I did find the two 4K monitors definitely affected frame rates which had to be delt with in settings and hardware.
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    That is a good looking rig!


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    [QUOTE=Rupert;2107636]That is a good looking rig!

    Thank you Rupert!

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