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Thread: Configuration Saitek Yoke System/Throttle Quadrant/Saitek Panels

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    Default Configuration Saitek Yoke System/Throttle Quadrant/Saitek Panels

    I bought X Plane 11 and also have the following hardware from Saitek:
    Yoke System + Throttle Quadrant
    Pro Flight Multi Panel
    Pro Flight Radio Panel
    Pro Flight Switch Panel
    Pro Flight Backlit Information Panel
    who can help me how I can configure this hardware in XPlane11 so that everything works

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    Hi Martin , I have all the Saitek panels , including 9 Flip , I have just given up on MS FSX with windows -10 I have spent many hours with Logitech trying solve the problems , it seems that windows-10 causes problems with file locations and third party software . All my 27 USB ports and all my Saitek panel worked Fine on windows-7 and FSX . So Far I have downloaded X-plane-11 and at the moment I just running the Demo . With the latest Windows-10 with the latest drivers from Saitek but I am running there 64 bit file Xplane- Plugin-in.exe as listed on there driver list . the results so far is all Nine FLIPS are working , though two are a bit flaky and I aim to change there USB ports .The Radio panel works and the multi works but no data shows on it display .until you end the flight , then it flashes up ,before it shuts down. The switch panel partly works , engine start up works ok , My backlight panel is next to try , and I need to clean up the what I have installed for FSX that needs removing , I am not software savvy and I am working blind , I hope my comments help

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    Am also a no go for MSFS 2020. Seems undocking widows so you can have a smooth 3 or more display set up was not a priority.

    Am also in the X-Plane demo tryout as I was going all Saitek in my new flight deck so Im gonna follow this ! Thanks !
    FSX. As of now I have 3 laptops all utilizing & linked to FSX, 1 - 32" TV for Gages, 40" TV for Main View. Saitek Pro Flight Control System. Am building a new rig and flight deck. Most likely going to X-Plane 11 for Sim. Also might buy MFS2020 for the pretty Pictures.

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    Default Saitek

    There is a fix for the multi panel for blank panel on u tube, you will have trouble with Saitek if you have put the drivers for them in X Plane, you just plug the in and away you go .

    Hope this helps Avitec

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