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Thread: FS 2004 - Gauges Missing

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    Unhappy FS 2004 - Gauges Missing

    I seem to have lost gauges for a Gruman G5 I have used for many years. It was an addon aircraft. The instrument panel screen comes up but all gauges are missing! Any thoughts as to repair?

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    Is that aircraft still available for download? That would be a Grumman Gulfstream G5?
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    Open your plane's panel folder and within that it's panel.cfg file. Here you will find a list of the used gauges, each with their separate positioning co-ordinates. The gauges themselves (their names) must be present either in your main gauges folder or within your plane's panel folder. It's also possible that some gauges are grouped together in one or more cabinet (.cab) files and for these the same is valid.

    If these gauges have somehow disappeared from your FS9 and you have no backup, you will need to download and re-install your aircraft again.

    Good luck

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