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Thread: AI Seaplane slight problem.

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    Default AI Seaplane slight problem.

    I setup an ai flight plan for one of my ai seaplanes (Sandringham). I have used this aircraft before and it worked no problem.
    So now I am using a new ai water base, the aircraft starts up, taxi to the hold short then stops and doesn't contact tower to announce it is there. The radio works OK because it contacted tower to get clearance to taxi.

    At first I thought it was a fault with the water base, then I tried another seaplane I know that works and that taxi to the hold, announce it's there then gets clearance to take off, so it isn't a faulty water base.

    I compared the two aircraft.cfg's to see if I could see if something was missing from the Sandringham and all seems fine, so any ideas please?


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    Try making the apron paths a little wider at that point?
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Hi Tom,
    I'll have look, what I did was try it from the destination water base and it worked fine, so it might be as you said, I'll get to it.


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    No still no joy, the taxiways are not the normal ones but the green taxi links concrete set to 0ft, I changed the one joining the runway to 1ft but the aircraft still sat there.

    The water base I tried before where it worked the taxiways on that were the green taxi links as well but they worked fine.

    I may redo this using the normal blue taxiways, I've made water afcads before and always used them and they have worked.

    These by the way are not ones I've made they came with some scenery and I was trying them out.


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    The taxiways directly leading up to all hold short points should be at least 50 feet wide because if these are any narrower you run the risk that the plane's reference point ends up outside your far to narrow taxiway when it stops there and is especially true when the hold short point is situated in a taxiway bend. It will cause your plane to be "lost" for your ATC system and any following planes will then also "pile up" on top of your first one.
    This holds true for all airports and therefore not only for water ones.

    Hope this helps.


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    @Hans Hmm, I've made lots of water acads and never had them that wide, I set them to 0ft and concrete and never had the problem you describe.
    I just altered the problem afcad now and I have the taxiways concrete and 0ft, it works fine, I just added another ai floatplane and it took off OK, did a TnG at another airfield and returned.

    Don't forget this is water we are talking about, if you have the taxiway a foot wide it shows on the water so I dread to see a 50 foot wide one.


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    hi, check your contact points ...

    I had this TYPE of problem with a couple of planes which showed the same behavior as you describe.

    WHEN you look closely, EVEN with WRONG contact points, in FS2004 for Seaplanes there must be to Program sections for AI programmed. One portion controls taxiing the plane up to that point and then the other section for Take Off takes over forthe rest of the flight in the traffic pattern and landing. the for taxi the same is true ..

    every time it turned out to be the contact points.

    Try to FLY the airplane , NOT in AI and observe whether the plane will take off !! Set the plane on the RWY Start Point.

    I bet your plane will NOT Take OFF it will not even move an inch.


    G. Kirschstein

    Sounds weird BUT it was every time related to the contact points.

    In aLL of my Seaplanes for AI I will use ONLY 3 Contact Points for the Fuselage and for the pontons 2 IF they are present.


    G. Kirschstein

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    Hi and thanks, I think you are on to something there, the reason is I have used this aircraft before and it worked.
    This time I was trying out an ai water airfield, when I went to view it the aircraft was above the water and it didn't look right so I altered the points so it sat right.
    I will put the points back to what they were and try it but I won't use it at this airfield, I have tried a couple of float planes and they were OK, as you may know the Short Sandringham is more of a seaplane.


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    You are absolutely right because directly after posting my "50 ft wide" taxiway message I began doubting my wisdom and took a closer look at all my water airfields. Lo and behold, ALL my taxiways were green Afcad apron routes, zero feet wide and "water" textured.
    Because of this nothing was visible on the water .... and .... all my AI water planes did their thing without problems. Oops !! Sorry.

    However, I've never had any ATC problems either because all my water airfields are self made simple ones, have no underlying default versions and are therefore comparable to uncontrolled bush strips.

    I now suddenly also remember (from years ago) that because the runway links and the runways themselves were all zero feet wide as well, it was very difficult to get them both positioned exactly on top of each other.


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    Hi Hans,

    I've also seen some water afcads that are complicated, I sometimes alter them and make them simple.
    I've watched the aircraft moving about all over the place just to get to the runway.

    I always use the old AFCAD program as I find it easy but I made a water base this morning, I went in the sim and it worked fine except part of the runway went over a small piece of land, so that had to change.
    I ended up scrapping it altogether and didn't feel like starting it again, I will do it but after playing about with it I got fed up, shame because it worked fine as well except for that.

    One of the things I always find tricky is when making a water airfield on a lake I seem to get the altitude wrong and when I go in the sim to try, it is either in a hollow or up in the air, so I tend to do a lot in an estuary at sea level.


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