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    Does anyone here know how to disable notifications on windows 10 when flying fs9 the notifications minimize the sim often and its a little disruptive.

    Thanks to anyone that knows

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    In the bottom right corner of the Taskbar, the pull up icons area, there is a setting to disable notifications, or look and search in the settings.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    This is one of Win 10's great new features! lol
    Mark Daniels

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    Sorry, click on the last icon on the right of the taskbar, then, when the notifications slide open, you will see, right on top, how to manage notifications.
    Cape Town, South Africa

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    Yea literally enjoying the awsome new win 10 😂

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    Thanks appreciate the INfo

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    If you get fed up with Windows 10 intrusions and automation, then have
    a look at the "Group Policy Editor" that is already installed on W10, except
    the home edition
    , for that you will need to download "Policy Plus".

    Take a look at this page, I have been using GPEDIT for years, and once
    you get used to it, I find it simple to customise and turn on or off a lot
    the annoying, intrusive nonsense that comes with all windows installs.


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