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Thread: Playing around near Penzance

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    Default Playing around near Penzance

    This time of winter when it snows in South Carolina, US it's fun to enjoy some sunshine and warmth in Penzance, UK. Even though Penzance is about 960 miles further north, the Gulf Stream usually keeps it very warm year around. And yes the Palm Trees there are native.

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    Life just got in the way! So I'll stop here in Plymouth. I'll continue when I can, probably tomorrow.

    Enjoy this now.

    As usual, this is ORBX scenery, obviously UK.

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    The flight and scenery look just fine up to this point Michael. Hope to see the conclusion when you can get to it.

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    VERY nice, love it, can't wait to see more!

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    Can’t wait to see the rest! Did I see an oil tanker also?

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    Thanks to all!! I'll continue the flight soon. And David, yes that is an oil tanker.


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    I like the scenery. Nice shots!


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