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    Gang, I've been doing a lot of long flights lately (Dubai to NYC, etc). Flights that are 12 plus hours long. And this obviously requires me to be away from my sim for long periods, like, to sleep. I notice that the sim goes into pause mode sometimes, and that screws up my whole flight if it happens while I'm away. I went in and changed my computer settings to never go to sleep. But I think that might just keep my computer from shutting down when the sim pauses for a long period. But I'd like to keep the sim from pausing in the first place. Is there any way to prevent this in the settings? Or is this just another example of "smart" computers not being so smart after all.

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    I assume you have unchecked Options/Settings/General/Pause on Task Switch?
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    I see you went into and changed for the better "never go to sleep". Its not a "screensaver" issue is it?

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