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Thread: AIFP flights in Australia problem.

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    Default AIFP flights in Australia problem.

    I have a fresh install of FS9 using Window 7.
    I decided for a change to fly around Australia and New Zealand and surrounding Islands, so I downloaded some WOAI and installed them, they work fine, installed some military from MAIW, they work fine.
    So I added some of my own using AIFPv3, I set the flight for Local time, I go to the departure airport at the set time but no AI, I look on TrafficToolBox and sometimes I see them but at a different time, sometimes I search and just can't find them, I'm using AI type aircraft too by the way.

    So just out of curiosity I made an AI flight plan for the UK, it worked no problem, the same aircraft was there, taxi and tookoff, am I missing something here, I normally fly the UK and most of Europe and never had this problem, any ideas please?


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    AI aircraft fly using GMT, not local time. So since GMT is the time zone in England those will always be correct (in the winter without DST). But other time zones can vary between FS and real life, and if your flight plan is a summer plan (during DST) and you are flying in the winter, that can make a difference too. So the actual flights can be up to 2 hours off in certain locations.

    To more reliably find your AI aircraft, set AIFP to use GMT time, get the relevant time from that, then go to FS and set the GMT time (not the local time) to the same thing. Then the AI plane will be more likely to appear as you expect.

    Hope this helps,
    Tom Gibson

    CalClassic Propliner Page:

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    Thanks Tom,

    I think I know now why it is all upside down, pardon the pun. I'll change my plans, I did notice when going in the sim and changing the time it said Summer and it is Winter here so maybe that too was causing another problem.


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    Thanks again Tom, that seems to have done the trick.


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