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Thread: Nvidia settings for fs9

  1. Default Nvidia settings for fs9

    Good day to the group,

    I was wondering if anyone here knew of a good way to configure the NVDIA color settings to give fs9 the best picture quality, I used to fly on a amd graphics card.

    However on the nvdia card the colors seem too bright and less detailed, also if anyone here knew how to tweak the anti aliasing feature.

    Thanks again, the specs are nvdia GFORCE 2060 super

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    young men , first a lot of bla bla .........
    when we started our our sim's in late 90s there was no internet or maybe only a dial-up where 1mb download took 10 minutes. Our world was trial and error , but that teaches you how to learn everything
    you may ever want to know about your sim. At least that was what helped me most.
    For you, I would say :try your (physical) monitor settings first:brightness , contrast , game mode....
    good luck and kind regards ....................

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    try this. these are my settings. I use nvidia inspector for antialiasing and SweetFX for color corrections. try them and see what happens. like piet06273 said, it's trial and error

    the other thing to look through are addons I posted in this video. if you look around on my channel you can also get Active Camera for your sim and enhance the views.

    let me know how it goes

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    Thanks awesome I’ll try it, how I used to have active camera however the manufacturer is no longer around, the camera seems to be limited to only the Seattle area, also this seemed to be an issue with DBS WAF

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    GREY AREA: I was able to find a working crack for Active Camera 2.1 and shared it since you cannot purchase it. its just the .dll file.

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    Thanks I tried contacting them however it seems that they and DBS sim no longer exist.

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    so DBS Walk and Follow is no longer available for purchase?

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    Yea I bought it nearly 10 years ago and installed it on a new computer however there was no reply to the activation email

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    Hi Peter ( piet06273 ), We are back home from our camping trip - if you still want the FS9 disks send me your mailing address as previously discussed. See also private message sent a couple of days ago. Best wishes, Max

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbata1234 View Post
    Yea I bought it nearly 10 years ago and installed it on a new computer however there was no reply to the activation email
    interesting. i'll look into it and see if it's still purchasable.

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