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Thread: Mission Briefing - font / text size?

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    Question Mission Briefing - font / text size?

    Hi Peeps is there anyway to change the font and text size used by FSX in the mission briefing notes on the kneeboard?

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    Yes, it's in "style.css" which should be in the Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Missions\Common folder. Make a backup of style.css first so you can revert if you mess it up. Start Notepad and drag style.css into the open Notepad window. Probably most relevant would be:

    .article-bodycopy {
    	font-size: 8pt;
    .BRFbodycopy {
    	font-size: 9pt;
    Try changing those to font-size: 12pt; and see if that helps.

    I doubt this will have any effect on 3rd party missions as they most likely won't use the MS style sheet to set these parameters.


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    Thanks jim much appreciated

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    Hi Jim sorry to say it doesnt work?
    I have added a long list of my addon airport scenery to the 'nobrief' htm in UIRES, they show up under ALT>Aircraft>Kneeboard>Briefing when in the game but the text is too big and it appears 'Briefing' text is on wordwrap by default. I was attempting to reduce the font size so the list would appear normally. Sadly reducing the text size (9pt to 6pt) in the style.css headings given has no effect.

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    That one isn't tied to the style.css so you'd have to treat it as straight html and put <font size=2> at the beginning of your added text and </font> at the end.

    <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <font size=2>
    Addon airport #1
    Addon airport #2
    Addon airport #3

    You may have to play with the size because "size" and "pt" produce different results, size=6 is rather large where 6pt is quite small.
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    Thanks Jim i will try this over the weekend. Will the list appear ok without the line breaks <p>? I have a very long list !!!!!!

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    No, you don't have to use them, it'll look the same as it does now without them, just smaller text and it'll of course wrap differently as a result. ...but if you need a line break with a blank line you can use <p> or if you just want to go to a new line without the blank line you can use <br>.

    Basically you're coding an old school web page in html, you can do all kinds of stuff with it, if you're interested check out to learn more than you ever wanted to know, lol. You might find the <pre></pre> tags come in handy for example:

    You can preview nobrief.htm in your web browser rather than firing up the sim to see it on the kneeboard, then when you edit and save nobrief.htm you can just refresh the page in the browser to see the changes.


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    Thanks Jim that did the trick, i dialled back to font size=1 and it looks great. Still cant get around the wordwrap issue but with a little jiggery and spacing between country sets it looks cool. Fascinating website too i tried changing the text colour using <p style=red> but it didnt take - maybe a limitation in FSX? Now i can check which airports have addon scenery before selecting one!!!!!

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    I'm glad you got it sorted out! I used to make some really cool flight briefings back in the FS9 days, they'd have screenshots, maps, links, etc. The FS9 kneeboard had a lot more functionality than the FSX kneeboard. Back in the day you could link to outside web sites and display them right on the kneeboard. I had a web hosting service so I set up a PHP/MySQL database of all the airports in FS9 and put a search button on the kneeboard_keys page. I also played around with virtual airlines for a while, here I was working on "Livewire Kneeboard v2.1" with Spokane Intl pulled up:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	n706lw_kpdx04.jpg 
Views:	22 
Size:	161.2 KB 
ID:	215657

    ...but then FSX came along and broke most of that functionality on the kneeboard, most likely due to security reasons you could no longer link to anything.

    BTW you can change the color using the <font></font> tags too, here's more stuff you can play with:

    <font color=red>red text</font>

    ...or use hexadecimal values:
    <font color=ff0000>red text</font>

    ...or do size & color in the same tag:
    <font size=1 color=00ff00>blue size 1 text</font>

    ...and the font itself:
    <font face=tahoma size=1 color=0000ff>size 1 tahoma text in green</font>

    ...and bold:
    <b>bold text</b>

    <i>italic text</i>

    <u>underlined text</u>
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    Youve really opened my eyes to the possibilties of this Jim thanks a lot. Just a quickie do the </???> go at the bottom of every line/sentence you want to change? IE
    Thanks for all the help

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