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Thread: IAVO and FS9

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    Default IAVO and FS9

    I have downloaded and installed IvPa for FS9. However, when I try to connect I get the following message:
    "Connection to the IvPa Network Interface has been lost. Check if the Network Interface is running on the correct machine"
    Any help would be appreciated!!
    Thanks, Peter Hall

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    I'd try running it as Admin

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    Dont bother. Come join us at VATSIM.

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    I'd like to use Vatsim but not sure it will work in FS9, already using it in FSX


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    Read this:

    On IVAP configuration uncheck "autojoin(FS2004 only)"
    Start FS9
    FS menu : start IVAP user interface
    wait some seconds and don't connect Ivap
    FS menu:
    Join IVAP
    You get message:
    "IVAP has joined the session"
    Then with IVAP user interface you can "connect" with
    callsign; account: VID and password...
    Don't forget to start at parking and to send a flightplan !

    Hope this help
    GOGG (Ziguinchor south Senegal)

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