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Thread: Excessive climb in a C172SP

  1. Default Excessive climb in a C172SP

    I'm experiencing a very odd behavior, suddenly after 100-200 ft AGL after takeoff, my C172 begins climbing at a rate that exceeds 2000 fpm because the VSI needle buries itself. During this behavior, my AI shows an upward pitch of 5-7 degrees, throttle is at 2400-2500 (all the way in), and no significant weather is in place. In other words, all systems are normal. My departure airport is KIDA (4744 MSL).

    At first I assumed perhaps I had a significantly higher pressure system setup at 5000' MSL or something that might account for the sudden strange climb behavior. But nope, no such a thing is in place. Also, once I get to about 6500 MSL, things chill out and my climb/descent begins to act more normal. As expected in a 172, I begin to see about 700-900 fpm with 5-7 degrees up on the AI.

    I'm using one of the stock C172SP's available in FSX under "Free flight".

    Anyone else experience this issue? Or have any ideas what's going on here?

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    Unseen thermal activity? I've hit what I've called "hat sucker" thermals before in a 172 IRL. And I used to fly RC sail planes with an 89 year old former flight instructor that swore that the Piper Tri-Pacer made an incredible thermal rider and an even better slope soarer. I always laughed when he said these things because it was a well known fact that he could slope soar a brick like it was weightless.

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    Thanks, but this is consistent every flight. I discovered that it happens at exactly the moment my VSI passes 500 fpm. Strange.. <scratching_my_head!>

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    UPDATE #2: VERY STRANGE! I tried taking off at other airports, and the problem doesn't happen. My C172 behaves like a C172. Can someone else try taking off from KIDA runway 20, and tell me if they experience the same odd behavior?

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    My opinion is that it's because of the 'AI' you are riding (IE: Artifishal Intelligence). Ha! I crack myself up sometimes.
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    I saw no issues at KIDA; there are some thermals in the area but still are miles away from the immediate airspace AT the airport...

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    I did several touch and goes from runway 20 at KIDA. All seemed fairly normal for the C-172. It is kinda touchy so be very delicate on what yer yankin' on!
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    ...sail planes with an 89 year old former flight instructor...
    His nickname wouldn't happen to have been "Goldie", would it?
    That's the name of my flight instructor that taught me to fly a glider when I was 14. In Calistoga, Ca., and it had both, thermals and some fantastic ridge lift on the cliffs to the NE of the airport. Upper end of the Napa Valley.

    Just curious as to just how small this world really is...

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    Nope. My super soarer's name was Emerson Ford. I think he was 89 years old back in 1995, so he probably been gone for years.
    We used to slope the dam in Nashville. Fun days! 25 guys sloping for hours and then hitting the Chinese buffet in mass for dinner.

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    Oh yeah! I almost forgot! I took off from KIDA in both the stock 172 and the Carenado 172N. I could barely managed 500 ft per minute and never experienced the super lift.. Good looking little airport though with nice FPS. I'm perplexed. Would like to know if there's a solution found.

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