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Thread: Traffic Global - Not locating FSX-SE

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    I recently re-installed Traffic global onto fsx-se after an uninstallation due to unrelated errors. However, now it wont locate the simulator, and says paths are invalid.

    It is updating the .cfg file on where to find the TG fleet but it is not actually finding the simulator when I run the set up, therefore wont compile the traffic. No matter how many installations I try it simply is not picking up on the fact FSX-SE is there.

    It was not an issue before. All the suggestions JF have given me are not working

    Anyone facing/faced anything similar?

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    Please read the post below by Cjet... we've exhausted our ideas to help him. See if anything said to him will help you...

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    Hi Matthew,

    It might be worth trying the Flight1 registry repair tool to
    locate your FSX installation, you can find it at the following
    page, and it is easy to use, also could you let us know which
    version of windows you are using, sometimes the UAC can
    cause problems, it's got harder to bypass as windows has

    let us know how you get on


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    Hi Richard,

    I have just tried the repair tool without success. I have tried a clean installation once again without success. All other addons etc have installed with ease just the traffic global isnt locating the path. Its not the same as in the other thread.

    I am using Windows 10, version 10.0.18363 build 18363

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    I am not sure what to say, it may be some registry entries left behind
    that are causing a problem, I have been using Revo Uninstaller for
    years to remove programmes, it is a free programme and is available
    at the following link, and I have never had a problem with it, and it
    also has some great tools for keeping your system clean.

    I am using an older version of W10 than you, and it works fine, just
    make sure you use the advanced uninstall option and remove any registry
    entries and leftover files, folders etc, it is safe

    I have included some screenshots of the manual regarding the install
    location when you first open TG Global, are you seeing any of these when
    you run the app? and if so have you tried to manually locate your FSX exe

    Attachment 215573

    Attachment 215574

    Attachment 215575

    Also, as I am sure you know, it's a good idea not to install the programme
    in Programmes (x86) folder,

    hope this helps


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