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Thread: C++ Runtime Function Call Error

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    Default C++ Runtime Function Call Error

    I started to get the R6025 Virtual Call Error.
    Funny enough I had this a few years ago, I read most of the time it is an AI and/or flight plan fault, some say put the traffic slider back.
    Also some say update the C++ files, but it seems funny the sim was running fine up until yesterday, the only thing I did was install a Thunderbolt aircraft and tried to use it as an AI, which I also read doing that can cause this error, so I deleted it plus the flight plan.

    I installed a proper AI and made a flight plan using AIFP, the aircraft flies great till it gets to a certain point, I tried it 3 times and at exactly the same point the error pops up.

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    These are C++ I have installed.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Any Ideas please?


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    Now the wired thing, I took out the AI aircraft plus it's flight plan.
    Went to the destination airport from the deleted plan and followed another AI to the departure airport of the deleted plan and no error, it flew practically the same route only in reverse.

    Scratching head lol.


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    Sorry Double post.


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    The R6025 error is a programming issue, probably in the aircraft you are trying to use as AI; I would suspect a gauge, probably radio or nav, that is sending an "improper" DX call when used as AI (simplistically, it is trying to send or receive information which FS is not programmed to supply to an AI aircraft).

    When using player aircraft, especially with complex systems, as AI, I've found it best to use just the model and give it the dynamics of an existing AI aircraft with similar performance.

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    Yes Sometimes do that, I've use a few flyables in the past with no issues, but obviously one of them kicked up an error.
    Since then I uninstalled FS9 and re-installed it, I'm adding aircraft one by one and testing, as yet they are all AI except for the defaults of course so no errors fingers crossed.

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