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Thread: Having trouble installing Acceleration expansion to Deluxe

  1. Default Having trouble installing Acceleration expansion to Deluxe

    So my old copy of FSX Gold no longer worked after countless attempts of installing it to a new PC & mainly wanted it for the Acceleration expansion so I ended up tossing it. Bad disk I guess. Luckily I also happened to have a copy of FSX Deluxe & decided to get a used copy of the Acceleration expansion pack. The FSX Deluxe copy installed on the new computer just fine but after installing the used copy of Acceleration it basically nullified my Deluxe product key registration & turned it into a free trial version that only played for 30 minutes. I uninstalled the whole thing & reinstalled FSX Deluxe which worked fine without Acceleration but ended up having the same error & enters free trial mode after trying Acceleration again.

    What is causing this? This is an official licensed Microsoft product meant to tac onto the Deluxe version of FSX as that’s how FSX Gold was basically setup. I also notice the FSX Acceleration install wizard doesn't even prompt me to activate the product key. I tried sifting through as many product key related files as I could to find the issue no avail. Part of me is tempted to dig through the CD files for the product key activation prompt in my copy of FSX Deluxe to see if that can register my Acceleration since there doesn't seem to be one there. Microsoft really should develop an easier way to activate or reset these product keys online. Its honestly more of a nuisance to users rather than an anti-theft measure for Microsoft.
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    Hi Striker213,

    You might read through this thread for your answer

    Win 10 with FSX Acceleration Pack Error 1-80004005 30min Demo mode. You need to edit your System Registry as below to online Activate your Copy of AccPack once the registry case sensitive UpperFilters entry should be rectified to read PartMgr
    Upon next FSX restart you will be presented with the online activation panel (have your 25 digit AccPack Activation key ready)

    Regedit can be started from the OS start menu "run" dialog.

    The directory-tree path to the Key within the Registry Editor. "Regedit"


    Click pic to view larger or click again to see even larger pic at the host site.

    In the edit Multistring panel above where it shows PartMgr Please make sure there are no other erroneous or extra entries other than the case sensitive word PartMgr spelt with Capital P & Capital M.
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    Just gave it a try. The activation key prompt came up & product key got registered but now every time I try starting up FSX it just loads & closes without progressing to the main menu.

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    Looks like I finally got it to work! Had to do an uninstall & clean reinstall of both FSX & Acceleration after making those modifications with the registry editor. Thanks Jethrom, it really helped. My God, how the heck could Microsoft screw up on this so badly? Made what should have been a simple thing complicated & unnecessarily frustrating for those who aren't as tech savvy.

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    My Pleasure Striker213
    Glad you got AccPack resolved in the Registry, it was a shame you needed to do a reinstall though. I don't know what exactly causes Win10 to create the wrong entry in the first place, but the solution should have rectified the situation without any additional dramas. Enjoy the improvements in FSX AccPack.

    One additional thing you must add to the FSX.cfg is an entry for better memory management, it is not added by default to a Boxed FSX version, it must be added by the user.

    FSX.cfg is located in: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX

    Add the following line to the [GRAPHICS] section

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    I think the crashing issue had something to do with how I first tried setting up the acckey file which some in other forums have suggested imputing the product key there.

    I’ll give the FSX.config thing a try to see if it makes any improvements. So far it works great. Played through around 5 or so of the missions & free flight for a few hours with no issues so far. Its just like when I originally had FSX Gold or the next best thing at least.

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