I played MSFS many year ago with a variety of combat sims like Airwarrior. Since I am getting close to retirement age I don't think my wife would be too thrilled if I were to invest 40 grand to get a Private pilot's license and a 172 or Cherokee. So I thought I would put this gaming system and 4K tv to good use and save myself about 39,000.
So here is my questions. Do people RP this or is it just kind of free roam, do what you want when you want, Are there air traffic controllers or is it more like non controller airfields, are there career modes or just flying from point A to Point B?
I have a Saitek x52 that is a joystick yoke and also has a throttle could I fly with that or should I invest in rudder pedals too. At some point I would think about the Honeycomb system because the throttle body components seem to be flexible. and instead of investing $2,500+ on gps , panels, and switches I was going to see about air manager for my interactive instrument cluster with their knobster. Talking with another Simmer he recommended Aerofly because it has a pretty good training scenario that other don't.
If anyone would like to offer their 2 cents I would gladly take it under advisement.