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    I was just looking at an HP touchscreen computor at Staples. It is a LARGE touchscreen / computor combination with all the computor hardware drives , ports etc built in to the flatscreen. has anyone here purchased one of these and if so have you used it for FS2004? Im really curious if the touchscreen can be utilized to operate the FS cockpit instrumentation in place of the mouse or keyboard. For example: if I wanted to start an engine on the 737 could I just reach up touch the engine start switch or if I wanted to operate the throttle quadrant could I just reach over and drag it open or closed?

    Thanks everyone

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    I once had a touch screen and I did use it in FS, everything worked OK if I remember rightly but can't remember what make it was, one of my grandkids playing around one day dragged it on to the floor and cracked the screen.


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