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    Hello, so I am new to making airports but have been watching a few tutorials to try and learn the process. I would like to Upgrade Area 51 so that it has better textures and looks better than the default Right now I am trying to use Sbuilderx to get a satellite image to use an ADE so I can match the airport with the real one. The issue I am having is with the data being to big to load into ADE. When I try to create a map then I have to basically select the lowest zoom level otherwise the file size is too big for ADE. When I go to create the map I try and make sure to just select the airport and try not to capture to much other scenery. I don't need to the highest zoom setting but would like to be able to get some close up details for the airport..

    Any ideas on what I can do so that I can capture the whole airport and keep the file size small.


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    Have you tried using several smaller images?

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