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Thread: FSX GOLD re-installation on WIN10 won't work after disk crash

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    Default FSX GOLD re-installation on WIN10 won't work after disk crash

    Hello everyone

    I had FSX Gold with accel pack on an ext disk that unfortunately crashed. I deleted every FSX key there was in the registry and every FSX related folder in the AppData/Roaming and ProgramData folders. I also cleaned the registry with various programs (e.g. ccleaner, ASC)
    Now I have been trying to reinstall FSX on a new ext disk but.... in vain. I keep getting the "repair or remove" screen instead of the familiar installation screen and whichever option between repair/remove I choose, I get the 1610 (or the 1628) error informing me about the corrupt installation data.
    I have been looking for a solution for 3-4 days, employed quite a few, but none worked....
    If anyone has any ideas, or if anyone has faced and solved the same problem, you are more than welcome to chip in.
    Thank you very much.

    PS I am attaching the verbose log of the setup.exe file in case someone finds it useful

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    A common problem with fsX, I solved it about a year ago and requested my fix it thread be stuck at the top of the forum.. nobody must have cared so here is the fix it thread

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    Thank you so much for the answer.
    Unfortunately I had already bumbed into it and applied the fix (a number of times). It didn't work for me. So, for the time being, I reverted to X-plane....

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    An update. Only today did I come up with the idea of trying to install/uninstall the Acceleration Pack (installed with my original FSX installation).
    Even though I have used the MicrosoftKB928080 fix, run the CCleaner finding no traces of FSX -but still unable to reinstall, I was surprised to get the message that "Microsoft Flight Simulator needs to be activated before installing the Accelaration Pack", which means that there STILL are traces of FSX in my PC. If that info brings in any new ideas, anyone is very welcome

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