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    Can someone tell me why CFS aircraft can't be used in FS9.
    Thank you

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    Basically they are different simulators and they will not be compatible in all cases.

    Do you specifically mean CFS1?
    That is much older than FS9. (1998 vs 2003)
    Much will have changed over the years, even if they are related.

    I found this compatibility table:

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    I was wondering about the latest CFS, and what are the differences between FS9 and The latest version of CFS.

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    CFS3 aircraft models are created in .m3d format and that's incompatible with FS9, which only recognises aircraft models in .mfd format. CFS3 models must be converted back to CFS2 format, then the textures and fde's converted to FS9 format, which can all be a bit "hit and miss". It's easier to start from scratch.
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    Thanks everyone for answering my question.

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    Best you try how it works. Either it's ok or not. I use f.i. the CFS2 Ju-390 as AI.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mostly jets would be rather suitable than props as the propellers are not shown.


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