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Thread: Tree texture alpha channel issue

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    I'm having an issue with tree textures for the Guam PGUM scenery by Bill Melichar, available here Some tree textures don't have alpha channels so you wind up with a black rectangular box with the image of the tree inside it. I know one cure for this is to use DXTBmp and create and save an alpha channel for those textures. However, a few of the textures i cannot create an alpha channel for, for example texture CocoPalm_shortWide.bmp. The alpha channel just stays white. I'm assuming that maybe the black in that texture file is not pure black? Is there a way to make the alpha channel without doing a lot of editing to the bmp? Or is there another program that will make the alpha channel that works better than DXTBmp? I guess I could find another palm tree with a good alpha and make a copy of it and then just rename it to CocoPalm_shortWide.bmp? Thx for any help. I'm also having this issue with some trees at PHNL, which is another Bill Melichar airport file available here. Funny, I've used these sceneries for quite a long time now and didn't have issues, but that was on older laptops with different vid cards and OS, I don't know why that would make a difference, but something has made a difference. Running windows 10 now with Nvidia Geforce GTC 1050Ti.

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    I'm no expert but have you updated your video drivers, but before you do backup the originals?


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    Yes, video drivers are up to date. Upon further experimenting I found that the trees for Honolulu were actually from a scenery for Hickam AFB I think by DBWsim available here which complemented PHNL. Those trees had a olive green background and I was able to make alpha channel using "create alpha from color" and I was able to match up the color and make the alpha. It would not create an alpha using the "Create alpha channel(green)" option. However I was not able to use that same technique with the trees from Guam. However, answering my own question in the original post, I just found another palm tree that had a good alpha, renamed it to CocoPalm_shortWide.bmp and all is well. You lose a little tree diversity doing that, but oh well, better than trees surrounded by a black rectangle.

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    Great! Glad you got sorted, it's nice when you do that and solve it yourself if you get my meaning, I ask when I don't know but sometimes I play around and find the answer.


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