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Thread: SweetFX multi monitor Undocking Lag

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    I recently made the swap to Windows 10 on my system and am having some weird problems with SweetFX and FSX frame rate issues. I use a multi monitor setup and have noticed whenever I undock anything (for my example a GPS or FMS) and drag it to the other monitor the frame rate drops from around 50-60 to 10-15. However whenever I remove SweetFX (more specifically d3d9.dll) the issue goes away. For whatever reason my system only seems to work with SweetFX and ENB only (I am unable to run reshade or mastereffects because my system wont detect dxgi.dll for some weird reason). I have tried multiple fixes online such as turning the vsync off to 1/2 to on, swapping between dx10 mode (with SteveFX's fixer), adjusting both my nvidia inspector and fsx.cfg files and Ive even reinstalled my graphics drivers a couple times but still have no luck on the issue. Does anyone have any prior experience with this issue and or may know a solution to said problem?

    Thank you,

    dEHman137 (Chris)

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    Also I forgot to mention that whenever I swap from windowed mode to fullscreen the frames also drop. However, windowed mode has no frame issues by itself (without the undocking ofcourse)

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