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    Once upon a time we had fun with the rtw every year, it doesn't even look like there's going to be one this time around.

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    RTW = round the world ?

    In German = Rettungswagen (Ambulance) perhaps afternoon drinking too much at NewYear

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    I believe you're correct.
    While "they" may or may not actually have a Race this year, and I doubt they actually will have a Race this year, FlightSim hasn't posted enough pilots to make up a "team" for the last few years.
    A couple years ago, they held an abbreviated form of the race. FlightSim was only able to get 2 pilots to participate. I was one, and Frank was the other.
    Two pilots is NOT enough to make even an effort at participating. In fact, the next year, Frank and I went over SimOuthouse. At least we got to participate in the Race. When there were three teams, it was a real enjoyable experience. When there were only two, it wasn't all that bad, really. SimOuthouse won, BTW.
    But the race organizers simply don't feel there is enough participation to bother with all the ins and outs of putting on a Race. I agree with them, too. Additionally, the rules and complexities involved have gotten simply too gross and unwieldy to even bother, even with more participation.

    So, that's where things stand, at the moment. Sorry, but there it is.

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    A number of the people who flew it when I started out dropped off because it got to be too complex and too competitive, taking a lot of the fun out of it. I also began to feel the same way.

    I still "fly" offline on my own all the time, I guess it's just one of those memories now.

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