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Thread: Optimal Memory

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    I have to say that I did like XP better than any other OS. Back in the good old days when I was running FS 2004 I felt the quality was better. The aircraft seemed do have more bells and whistles.. I was really into tubeliners and there were some great sound effects, especially with the airbus collection. I reluctantly went to Win7 and it was just OK in my book.

    I am not a fan of Windows 10 in any manner. My wife has one desktop, a surface pro and a laptop all with Win 10. I can't get used to it and she fights with all of them on occasion. Since I went back to FSX SP2 on Win7 64-Bit I am a happy camper. Scenery looks better, frame rates are better and since I have an SSD it loads in less than 20-seconds. Beats the heck out of Steam edition. So I'm staying with Win7 as long as I can.. I don't think I'll be going to FS-2020 since I hear it will be subscription and only runs on win10. What say ye?

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    I'm sure the Sim that is now coming out will work as intended with Win 10. As for FS2004 or FSX, those were made for XP so it's natural that they will run better in that OS. Of course they can run in Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and now 10, but YMMV and with 10 you have to do things to get the Sims to work. I don't know what all that entangles other than you have to install DX 9 as Win 10 apparently doesn't have it and the Sim needs it.

    Also, with Vista on up you don't want to install the Sim to the programs folder as that is a protected folder by the OS and can give you issues. Instead, install to the root of C:\\ drive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDNoel View Post
    So I'm staying with Win7 as long as I can.. I don't think I'll be going to FS-2020 since I hear it will be subscription and only runs on win10. What say ye?
    Win 10 only and some form of payment to get the most out of MSFS is a certainty. It’s the way things are going with games, Win 10 and software. They want you to keep paying and upgrading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRJ_simpilot View Post
    Ah, I'd hazard a guess and say XP which was out when both FS2004 and FSX were made.
    Think I'm going to make an executive decision and go to XP for FS9. I'm happy already just thinking about it!

    If it was FSX I was installing, I'd go with Win 7 because of the more modern add-ons that may not work properly under Win XP.
    For FS9, Win XP should work great. I had to check iFly compatibility but says it's Win XP compatible so everything should be fine. Means I also get back an add-on or two I lost under Win 7.

    As for Win 10, the pain is not for me!
    FS9 + Win 10 = Goodbye!!! haha
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