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Thread: Does anyone know where can I find textures for the CLS A340-200?

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    Default Does anyone know where can I find textures for the CLS A340-200?


    I'm trying to download textures for the CLS A340-200, but I can't find not even one! I found textures for the 300 (a lot!) but not for the 200! maybe I'm looking in the wrong place, could be!
    If someone can help me, wil be appreciated!!

    Happy Landings


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    Hello Cub51,

    I found one "Egyptian Presidential" repaint for FSX / CLS A340-200
    There might only be payware Livery packages for this model through Simmarket and such.

    Perhaps others might know where to source texture packs for this aircraft.

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    Hi Jethrom,
    Thanks, I have already the CLS A340-200/300 and A340-500/600, but loose textures, there is no one online to find!!!! so, anyway, thanks for your answer!!


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